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What is Cookie Free Analytics? Why might I need it?

Cookie Free Analytics (CFA) is a free server side Google Analytics tracking solution for Windows based websites running IIS & ASP.NET. 

100% javascript & cookie free - with CFA you can track your visitors & file downloads in Google Analytics without cookies or JavaScript. Ideal for mobile websites or those affected by the EU Cookie law.

About CFA

Track file downloads in Google Analytics - automatically

With CFA you can track file downloads* (ZIP, PDF, EXE for example) without manually adding additional javascript to every link. Saving you time & energy fixing broken (or forgotten) tracking code.

(*) File download tracking may require changes not possible on shared hosting accounts.

Server Side Analytics - see the true traffic flow in real time

If your visitors have javascript disabled or blocked you would never know they had been to your site. With CFA there is no client side script to block or disable so you see the true visitor flow. 

Does CFA replace Google Analytics?

No. All reporting is still done via the standard GA web interface.

As CFA was written to feed data into your Google Analytics property by mimicking the "__utm.gif" request (documented in the Google Mobile Tracking code example) no access to your Google Account is required to track usage.

Limitations on reported data

As no client side javascript is used CFA cannot report on: Screen resolution, flash version, page speed, visitor location (For visitor locations please use the usercontrol), or other advanced features like In-Page analytics).

Who developed CFA?

Cookie Free Analytics is brought to you by your Friendly Web Guy (Dave Grey). A full-time web developer and part-time consultant to friends, family & small business on everything internet.

How does it work? (Brief summary)

Currently there are two ways to use CFA, suitable for Full server / VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting.

Full Hosting (You are able to add custom HTTP modules to your website)

  • Copy two DLL to your websites bin folder (core library and the http module)
  • Register new DLLS
  • Add the new HTTP module
  • Add application keys and set your Google Analytics property
  • Check Google Analytics Real Time reporting for traffic

Shared Hosting (Restrictions on adding custom HTTP modules)

  • Add core library DLL to your website
  • Register DLL
  • Add application keys and set your Google Analytics property
  • Method 1: Create a user control (example provided)
  • Method 1: Add user control to your website templates / master page
  • Method 2: Using your Global.asax** add a call to the core library (no need for user control)

(**) Via this method tracking file downloads may be possible, with relevant IIS changes to pass non-aspx files thru the framework.

Version 1.x worked with the "Mobile Analytics" calls, which have been depreciated by Google. During 2015 I plan to start on Version 2 which will support the Measurement Protocol, however as it took 2 years to release 1.0.2 with a couple of bug fixes this might take a while.

Where can I find out more?

Visit the official website, however it has not been updated in two years and you are recommended to download any releases from CodePlex.

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