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About Cookie Free Analytics (Written April 2012)

With the EU Cookie Law changes on the horizon and no sign from big G about a cookie less alternative I started to research possible ways to track basic site usage without the need for cookies.

Cookie Free Analytics (CFA for short) was started as an evening project in early March 2012 to try and reduce the impact of the EU cookie law changes on small / medium websites, running ASP.Net & IIS, that rely on using Google Analytics for tracking website usage.

Built from the ground up in Visual Web Developer, CFA is a completely javascript and cookie free way of reporting basic site data back to Google Analytics. As you would expect, there are some limitations of not using the official Google Analytics "ga.js". However, faced with a handful of limitations vs the majority loss of visitor data, I think you would agree that something is better than nothing (I hope!).

Google may yet come out with a EU friendly version of their tracking script, however without cookies there will always be some limitations on tracking return visitors (without extensive visitor / browser fingerprinting via javascript).

With server side analytics you will receive a lot more "raw" data as previously untracked files like PDF, ZIP downloads & RSS feeds can also be shown (without having to insert manual javascript).

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